About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Bravemind was established in Lisbon in 2006, with total Portuguese investment with the purpose to provide distinct services in Human Resources Consultancy based on win-win relations.
We are a young, dynamic and flexible company and our main goal is to give plain satisfaction to our clients - companies and candidates.
The vast experience our professionals have in several areas of expertise allows assigning each project to the most appropriate profile according to our clients needs.

Why Bravemind?

We contribute to the development of individual potential, group and organization, intervening in key areas such as communication, team work, motivation, commitment and involvement.

Our experience in Coaching tells us that self-development, namely leadership skills, necessariliy involves the increase of the power of reflection and assertive decision making.

Our Mission

Create value to clients, employees and shareholders assuring innovation and service excellence in the provided solutions, based upon people development and relationships built on trust.

Our values

Excellence. Integrity. Innovation. Ethics. Persistence. Lead change. Respect by the individual. Learn and share knowledge.

Our Vision

Ambition continuous improvement and innovation in our services so we may become a key reference partner in the human resources consultancy market. Provide our employees a continuous evolution of their intellectual capital, targeting their personal development, total satisfaction of our customers and sustainable growth of the company.

Business Team

Entrepreneurship, innovation, courage and ambition are the fundamental pillars of Bravemind team’s foundation. We manage valuable relationships, aiming to identify, follow up and respond to our clients needs.

PerasManaging Partner

Patrícia Peras | Managing Partner

Degree in Human Resources Management by Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa.

Has worked as a Consultant in an international Human Resources Consultancy company.


Andreia Duarte | Partner

Degree in Human Resources Management by Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa.

Has worked as a Consultant in two different international Human Resources Consultancy companies.

HerderPartner | Advisor

Paulo Herder | Partner | Advisor

Post-Graduated in Finance by Católica Lisbon School of Business Economics and with a Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology by Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada.

Has worked as Business Manager, Director and General Manager for international companies in Technologies, Executive Search and Human Resources Consulting areas.