Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Bravemind – Human Resources Consultancy complies with the applicable community and national legal norms in the scope of data protection, privacy and information security.

As such, Bravemind's privacy policy explains what it does with your personal data in the recruitment processes, providing a quality service in the selection of candidates to our clients. The recruitment and selection process is carried out with transparency and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016.

For any clarification or additional information or to exercise rights in this area, please contact

Information collected
We will collect the applicant's personal data, including, but not limited to, their name and contact details and other pertinent information directly from their Curriculum Vitae ("CV").

We may also obtain information about you from third parties, to improve and personalize your experience, to ensure that we find the offers that best suit your profile.
It is likely that we will obtain additional personal information about you during the course of our relationship. Such information may be obtained directly from you or third parties or from references or various sources of personal information accessible to the general public (internet, linkedin, social media, etc.).

When we receive your data and resume electronically, it may be because you applied directly on one of the websites or because you applied through a third-party job portal.

How your personal data are used
We use the information collected to provide you with the best possible service, namely to inform you of new professional projects.

With whom your personal data will be shared
Bravemind processes the personal data of candidates exclusively for the purposes of consulting human resources and recruitment and selection. They will be shared internally and with our customers.

How long are your personal data kept
Your data is stored only for the period strictly necessary for the purposes that led to its collection or subsequent processing, and compliance with all applicable legal rules regarding archiving is guaranteed. In addition, we regularly perform data updates to ensure that the information we have is relevant and accurate.

Bravemind facilitates the exercise of candidates' rights regarding the protection of personal data. For the exercise of any type of data protection rights, namely the rights to information, access, rectification, opposition, limitation of treatment or deletion, candidates may contact, describing the matter of the request and indicating an email address or telephone number.

How you can change your subscription preferences:
At any time, via email communications or via your password.

Curriculum Vitae Treatment:
We give you the option of submitting your resume through our website or providing your resume to one of our consultants. You can do this to apply for a specific advertised job offer or for consideration by our recruitment consultants for recruitment processes as they arise.
Your resume will be stored in our database and will be accessible by our recruitment consultants.
Your resume can also be sent directly by email for analysis and introduction into their databases.
The candidate can update his resume at any time, simply following the same procedure as for submitting a new resume. Your old resume will be automatically archived as long as the submission details remain the same (for example, send both resumes using the same email address or inform the relevant contact about your new submission).

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All data processing operations carried out by Bravemind have a basis of legitimacy, namely, either because the data subject has given his consent to the processing of his personal data or in relation to all publicly accessible information, based on in the legitimate interest to provide consulting and human resource management services.

All personal data processed within the scope of Bravemind's channels are exclusively intended to provide information to Users, the management of Candidates' personal information deemed necessary for the purposes of selection, recruitment or training within the scope of human resources consultancy, as well as the provision of services contracted by Customers and, in general, the management of the pre-contractual or post-contractual relationship with Users or Customers.

Except within the scope of compliance with legal obligations, under no circumstances will personal data of Users, Candidates or Customers be communicated to third parties that are not subcontractors or legitimate recipients within the scope of human resources management consulting processes, and this is not carried out, also, any other communication for purposes other than those referred to above.

It is the sole responsibility of Users, Candidates or Customers to keep the access codes secret, not sharing them with third parties, and in the particular case of computer applications used to access the channels, they must maintain and preserve the access devices in conditions of security and follow the security practices recommended by the manufacturers and/or operators, namely regarding the installation and updating of the necessary security applications, namely, among others, antivirus applications.

The terms of the Data Protection and Privacy Policy are complementary to the terms and provisions, regarding personal data, provided for in the General Conditions of Use of Bravemind channels. The free, specific and informed availability of personal data by the respective holder implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained in this Policy, considering that, by using the channels or by providing their personal data, Users, Candidates and Customers are expressly authorizing its treatment, in accordance with the rules defined in each of the applicable collection channels or instruments.

Bravemind complies with all applicable community and national legal norms in the field of data protection, privacy and security of candidates' personal information, in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Policy which is accessible at

Bravemind collects and processes the following personal data from candidates: name, date of birth, photograph, address, telephone, e-mail, title, position, company where you work, professional and personal contacts, the data contained in your personal resume , namely and among other data, qualifications, skills, testimonies, personal interests, marital status, personal and professional path information, data resulting from the application of assessment tools, or other details that are voluntarily shared for the purposes of managing applications.

Bravemind collects personal data from information provided voluntarily by the candidate, as well as from various sources of personal information accessible to the general public (websites, professional contact networks, social media, etc.), or based on personal or third-party references.

Bravemind, within the scope of the provision of human resources consulting services and executive recruitment and selection activities, may, eventually, communicate the personal data of candidates to employers who are interested in the respective human resources management processes, to executive selection and recruitment effects.

In order to ensure the respective updating, development and continuous improvement, Bravemind may, at any time, make any changes, which are deemed appropriate or necessary, to this Data Protection and Privacy Policy, and its publication in the different channels is guaranteed. to guarantee the respective transparency and information to Users and Customers.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we treat, store and share your personal information, please send an email to