Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Bravemind - Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda is committed to protecting the personal data entrusted to us. For this reason, all personal information is treated and protected with all due diligence, and always in accordance with applicable law: EU Regulation 2016/679, General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD).
This Privacy Policy explains who we are, how we treat your personal data, what purposes, to whom we may disclose them, such as our clients, where they can be transferred or where they can access them, and what their rights are.

Bravemind is responsible for the processing of personal data.

We need your information, as well as your personal data, which will be subject to the relevant purposes of Bravemind employees. Human Resources Management Purposes, which includes the processing of data necessary for the execution, fulfilment and termination of an employment contract, management of working time, absence and leave, processing of salaries and other benefits, relationship with Social Security and Tax Administration, promotions and career development, evaluation, training, representation expenses and communication with workers, and, exercise of disciplinary power. Internal and business management purposes, which include activities such as project planning, work time registration, company asset management, centralized service provision, auditing, implementation of management controls, use of databases internal, management and insurance, archives, prevention and conflict management. Purposes of Safety, Hygiene and Health at work, which includes activities classified with safety, hygiene and health at work, protection of its workers and company assets, access management, and worker authentication. Activities included in the analysis and management, such as satisfaction questionnaires, process management of mergers and acquisitions and sales of business units, as well as the processing of employee data for reporting and analysis purposes. Purposes of compliance with legal obligations such as the processing of personal data that are strictly necessary for the fulfilment of its legal obligations, such as the disclosure of data following injunctions, collaboration with regulators and the defense of Bravemind's legitimate interests , and also the processing of personal data to protect the vital interests of our employees.

Your personal data will also be processed for purposes relevant to our candidates. Purposes related to Recruitment, which includes recruitment activity, such as research, selection and placement for Bravemind clients. In this context, data related to wage processing and human resources management are also treated. Purpose of execution of contracts, where they are activities such as celebrating contracts with clients, as well as communication with third parties involved (such as insurance companies, intermediaries, beneficiaries), and response to customer requests. Activities necessary for the development and improvement of services provided by Bravemind, and analysis of activity and processing for scientific and statistical purposes.

Your data will be used only and only when there are situations such as: whether you have given your consent by signing or accepting a form, whether in online or paper format; if the data is accurate for the fulfilment of the legal obligations of the contract of employment; if the data is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by Bravemind, provided that such data do not prevail over the interests or direct interests, guarantees and freedoms of the data subject; and if the data is required to comply with a legal obligation that Bravemind is subject to, such as the disclosure of data to the Tax Administration and Social Security, as well as other authorities.

Your personal data will never be used for purposes other than those described above, in this policy, without this being previously informed or, if appropriate, obtained your consent. They will be treated by Bravemind, always applying appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a high level of safety under the RGPD.
Bravemind, in relation to job applicants, analyzes and defines behavioral profiles in order to provide a better service, recruitment and selection of human resources.

Your personal data will be preserved for the period of time necessary for the sequence of purposes described above. In the case of employees, their data will be preserved for the purpose of complying with legal obligations and protecting the legitimate interests of Bravemind.
Under labor law, in relation to recruitment processes, your data will be kept for a period of 1 year, and will thus be renewed upon your authorization and will.

Your personal information may be disclosed to Bravemind's clients within the scope of human resources recruitment services. It may also be disclosed to Public Authorities, as Bravemind, in accordance with the terms of applicable law, is obliged to disclose data to the Tax Administration, Social Security, Labor Conditions Authority and judicial authorities, following judicial mandates.

In accordance with this privacy policy, the use of your personal information may involve the transfer of the information to other countries.

It should be noted that, at any time, candidates may have access to their personal data, rectification of their personal information, and opposition, extinction or limitation of the processing of their data, whenever they so wish.

If you remain uncertain about this new policy or other privacy concerns and / or questions, please contact us at